Las Lomas clubs care about the causes

Molly Dowd

Staff Writer

“I feel so fresh when I am done, I feel so fly,” said freshman Madeleine Levy describing how it feels to be a member of Creek Kids Care.

Creek Kids Care creates and sells a series of different artworks such as hand-made knit scarves and painted cards. The works are then sold at places like the Farmers Market to raise money to donate to Fresh Start.

“Fresh Start is a homeless shelter in Walnut Creek and we fund a preschool in Zimbabwe,” said sophomore Emily Albaugh, a member in Creek Kids Care.

But Levy isn’t the only student at Las Lomas who is trying to make a difference.  Many students participate in service clubs because they like to help people, whether locally or internationally. Albaugh and Levy both said that a major reason that they joined a service club was because they liked the social aspects and atmosphere of the club, but they also cared deeply about making a difference.

Freshman Juliana McCormick is a member of the Peace and Progress Club.

“I decided to join Peace and Progress because it enabled me to help make a difference in society,” said McCormick.

In the Peace and Progress Club, McCormick and her fellow club members focus on breast cancer awareness, sending money to sponsor children’s education in Nicaragua and running book drives. The club raises money through bake sales and selling bracelets, shirts and buttons.

McCormick spends a lot of time working outside of school to help raise money to sponsor children in Nicaragua.

“I love spending time at bake sales because it made me feel like I was doing my part to help Nicaraguan children,” said McCormick. “[Peace and Progress] helped me realize how fortunate I am to have an education.”

Sophomore Maddie Martin is a member of the Human Rights Club, which is involved in helping people of third-world countries and in a series of events such as food and book drives. Currently, the members are working on raising money by organizing a Battle of the Bands.

“I enjoy the Human Rights Club because it makes me feel like I am making a difference myself,” said Martin.

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